Happy New Year!

Manchester City Centre, United Kingdom

Whats your New Year Resolution?
“Already failed 2019 roll on 2020?”
“New Year, New Me?”

Whether you have or haven’t got a “New Year resolution” my advice and mantra this year is…

Rather than say “I would like to…” say “I will…”….you fill in the blanks!

Words have power and I do like giving myself a few aims or create a dream board rather than trying to somehow ridicule myself for not having body of a Victoria’s Secret model! We are all unique, let’s try not to be cruel to ourselves and others! Celebrate you, your friends and family success and achievements! AND if you want aim higher, think of what steps are needed for you to achieve it.

Sometimes you can accomplish things within the year but remember some things may take years and that’s FINE! The way I see it is this you are allowed to have a “bad day” it’s normal and it’s ok to feel like poop sometimes BUT when this really *BEEP* day happens. Don’t dwell too much on it, picture your life as an opening to a cringing soap opera with highlights, turn it around and don’t suffer alone we need humans!

So call a friend; arrange to catch up with a date and time – this way you have something to look forward to! Also having a plan B (a new routine) this could be anything from going for walk, starting a new hobby or join your local library and get reading. Try to give yourself breaks from social media, talk to people and laugh about your day of falling over in front of a bus load of people on the way to work! 

Life I think is a bit like me and this blog, full of typos BUT these can be edited. We are all improving daily, I will get better at writing and I write when I can because I enjoy it! As for dealing with negatives, it unfortunately normal but focus on your aim/s and move on! It’s fine to not “like” me because a lot of the time these silly people don’t actually know you.

You aren’t on my level to make assumptions of me based on my typos. Especially when you have zero intention of arranging a catch up!

Happy New Year and keep going!