Oops February & March


I hope you are well and looking after yourself.

I want to apologies for my absence (yes I have FINALLY Fiesta by Ernest Hemingway) You will be getting a little book review soon!

To be honest I really didn’t do much in February! I do not have an excuse which is no bad thing!

February was the month where my sleep pattern improved! Previously I do not think I had more than 100 hours sleep in that month…maybe that’s why I didn’t want to blog anything…felt too sleepy and groggy!

Going for a run/working out in the evening helped to make me wind down. I honestly think the bedtime stories on the (this is not an add) and listening to classical music because;

  1. I never seem to get to the end of any of their Bedtime stories…no matter how hard I tried
  2. Classical music helped me wind down. s=Sometimes jot down some one liners in my diary

I am not saying that solve all of your sleeping problems.

BUT if anything, these February and March have made me realise how although small……small changes can help you achieve things 🙂

AND if this takes time but that’s ok

As long as you are doing it because you want to and it makes you feel better. In time his change will no longer feel like a struggle and you will also realise and appreciate the changes they have made to you.

The clocks in the UK going forward unfortunately meant that I (and the rest of the UK) lost an hours sleep last Sunday.

My sleeps was not impressed HOWEVER at least the evenings are getting brighter in the UK!

I really looking forward to summer and baking!

Which is why to make up for my delay I am posting 2 of my recipes on here for you to try at home. Tried and tested and with great feedback!

As Easter is coming I will be making my homemade Jamaican Bun Cake!

Hope you all have a fabulous week and Happy Easter to you all!

N x