Better late than never…My first Blog post of 2020

A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has been reading my blog posts and following me! It’s been a while…

Well it’s only been about 20 months since I have last written in this blog post!

A massive hello to whoever is reading this! I really hope you are doing well.

Let’s be honest we are not all ‘doing well’ we are in a strange time where we are globally adapting and getting used to this ‘new normal’. This is absolutely fine, please allow yourself to be frustrated at the news at times and have a rant.

I really want to try not to talk about Coronavirus because it is still the hourly bulletin on UK news and to be quite honest I am finding it all a bit draining.

We all have other things going on in our lives and our routines have changed even if it is ‘just’ that you now have to wear a mask in a supermarket or can’t spontaneously go to a restaurant for a meal.

SO…what have I been up to in 2020?

1. Allowing myself time to process information

2. Spending more time listening/ reading other perspectives

3. Self care

I have found that limiting how often I watch/listen to the news has helped me not feel so overwhelmed. Also I no longer think that ‘There’s a News Bulletin at 4pm…I have to watch it’

NOW…I tell myself “Naomi….the News is on at 6pm and also 10pm….if you miss it you can watch it later or even tomorrow”

Take your time you have been adapting and you are doing your best.

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