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Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer & Anne Barrows

It’s not a typical book I’d read! It’s told entirely by letters/telegrams mainly in the voice of Juliet and insight to how the people of Guernsey where treated during the second world war being under German occupation.

I like the fact that not too cheesy and like that the themes of the novel introduced us to themes rather than being aggressive and boring with them! Shaffer is an American author and I feel she did a really good job on researching; the different personality of the characters came across well!

Shaffer died during the writing this novel, it was sadly her first and only novel. Barrows her niece completed the book which has since become an international bestseller and made into a film!

My friend Kat who gave me the book also gave me the film too!

I give it 3/5! A good holiday read and heart-warming story.

November 2020

Women Don’t Owe You Pretty by Florence Given

I bought this book for myself for my birthday (Signed Waterstons Edition with gold sprayed edges) I read it the same day! This is Florence’s first novel and I am sure this will not be her last.

Florence introduction is powerful as she addresses her younger self like I did throughout reading. Her chapter titles are brilliance ‘How to Break Up With Yourself’ and ‘Check Your Privilege’ The book also beautifully illustrated in Florence’s artwork along with wise quote one of my favourites is;

Maybe I’m “Too Much”, Maybe My Abundance Just Reminds You That You’re Lacking.

Florence writes this unsugar-coated book on many issues such as self-reflection, importance of self love, accountability and growth. I like that fact it was so easy to read because it gave me a chance to think and reflect on my own behaviours. When I read the You Are The Love Of Your Own Life  I was like ‘Thank GODDNESS someone agrees with me! I been saying this for years’ It reminded me of my school and university years I was labelled as ‘odd’ by ‘friends’ because I wasn’t ‘not bothered about having a boyfriend’ or ‘looking for a husband at university’

Florence is 21 and although some may argue that it is written for ‘younger Instagram audience’. I think it is one we can all still learn from. As a 33 year old woman, I can honeslty say the issues raised are still ones which are discussed by me and my friends regularly AND as an avid reader one that has been discussed in literature for centuries….For example Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl by Harriet Jacobs and any poem by Emily Dickinson…. Expectations of society and Gender roles are actively discussed within their literature and by others before them.

I personally think this book is very important as it not patronising and should be read by all genders and ages. We can’t make a change in our society/societies if we are not ready to admit and face our own issues and hang-ups.

I give this book a 4/5!

I am looking forward to reading this book again and who knows… maybe I’ll write a book one day about my growth.

My December book is Fiesta: The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemmingway. This book review will be posted on Wednesday 30 December 2020 🙂