Monday 7th December 2020

Winter is officially here as I feel like its 9pm from the moment I wake up!

WELLLL I was going to attempt to do blogmas (daily blog post) but I knew I that would be a bit of a fail because

  1. I know what I am like
  2. I go home, have a shower, have chat and read a book in bed then…
  3. Fall asleep…I know what I am like

Talking of books! I went to my Charity shop this weekend and got these books two books to read, I’ll see how I get on this month as I usually read 2/3 books a month!

The books that cost £1.50 each!

I have the app kindle on my ridiculously old tablet BUT I love reading an actual book and love going to the library!

Are you the same as me or do I need to get with the programme? Anyway these books only cost £1.50 each BARGAIN!
I am debating if I should make one of them my January 2021 book to read…mmm

Anyhoo! Despite me being typically British and moaning at the fact it so dark outside, I have actually stuck to running 5km 2 to 4 times a week AND walking more!

Can you believe I have managed to run (and walk) over 640 miles so far this year?!? Honestly I can’t believe it!

It amazing how new routines turn into a habit SO quickly! You you end up exceeding your own expectations even if you don’t reach your goal! It is nice to do a little something that makes you proud of yourself!

I mean there is NO WAY I will be running a marathon anytime soon! The thought of running for over 3 hours with no snacks does not fill me with any excitement or joy!

2019 Great Northern Run for Mummy’s Star

When I did the 10K last year (I did the Great Manchester Run) I remember thinking “Your Almost Famous Burger is nigh, keep going Naomi”

SO IF anyone fancies going for a winter run/s I recommend doing the 7 Minute Follow Along Running Warm Up by the The Run Experience on YouTube! Holly is great and although the warm up more like 8 minutes it really gives your body an amazing stretch before your run!

Holly also does a good 5 Minute Follow Along Post-Run Cooldown which is great and covers all basics BUT if you fancy a longer cool down Yoga with Adriene does a great 18 minute Yoga For Runners 2 – Cool Down Sequence (Her dog Benji doesn’t feature in this video)

Do something that makes you proud of yourself!

This could be anything from teaching yourself a new language to getting up 15 earlier than usual so you have time to sort out your lunch to work!

N x

P.S Mummy’s Star it is the only charity in the UK and Ireland dedicated to women and their families diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy or within 12 months of giving birth.
Their mission is to provide cancer support to every family facing this traumatic situation, to donate click here

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