January 2021

A view from my morning run in a park

Happy New Year!

I hope you are all well had a fabulous time celebrating whether if you were celebrating with your bubble, home alone, working or even if you fell asleep!

We have made it to 2021!

I really hope the first few weeks of the year been treating you well!

FIRSTLY I want to thank you all SO SO SO much for reading my blogs this year! An amazing 450 people have been regularly reading my blogs which is amazing! That fact you are from all over the world has definitely given me the kick up the bum to write more.

If you are in the U.K…. Lockdown 2.0 is on going until further notice!

Personally, I have ZERO of baking a Banana bread and cheeky trip to the supermarket is my highlight of my week!

To be honest my first week of January has actually been a bit manic! I been a busy bee I STILL haven’t finished Fiesta: The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemmingway!
I will finish it I promise (I am aiming to write a review on this by Sunday) as I am well over half way through!

I have noticed that I have been baking and cooking a lot more than usual! Once a week I make a what I like to call ‘FAKE AWAY’ at home.

This is basically me making a DIY take away, and usually taste lovely too (if do say so myself). Tonight I made prawns in black bean sauce and salt and pepper chips all from scratch!

It went down a treat and I gobbled it all up! I have also made vegan curry with onion bhajis, fish and chips, sweet and sour chicken, chicken rogan josh….

I am thinking of sharing one of my “Fake Away” recipes once a  month? I will make sure I take pictures and also let you know what you can use as a vegan replacement for the ingredients I use. 

I am aware that some people are vegan and have diatery requirements. When I post these recipes I will try my best to accommodate 🙂 In UK we have Veganuary during January! I think it is a great idea but I usually have at least one meal a day where I eat vegan/vegetarian meal!

I have lot more ideas for the new year on what to write about but I will keep doing my book reviews as you guys seem to love reading them!

Anyway as mentioned before, a book review will be with you this Sunday with a bonus!

You will have to wait and see what it is…..

Hope you all have a fabulous week and thanks again for reading Naomi&!

N x

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