Naomi & Shopping

Christmas may have been a few weeks ago but I have bought some amazing things from local company’s during the festive period! And if you can please contiue to support local especially during these times!

Nuwe Roam

The first thing I bought were these lovely soap dishes from Nuwe Roam! I needed some soap dishes as I use oilive oil soap on my skin which makes my soap bar EXTRA slippy and kept falling into the bath while I had a shower.

I really need to get better with my camera angles but here’s a photo of what they look like


The business is ran by two people I know quite well ester and Tanya there stock is inspired by travel! They have fantastic prints that they have designed themselves which have matching candels so you can imagine relive past travels!

They Vintage section where you able to buy their off vintage finds! The website is easy and accessible on both laptop and mobile. My order came quickly and  was beautifully packaged

Kitsch Noir

I am some who really needs a diary. I like writing stuff down because it helps me remember things. I am an old soul at heart as although I have  a diary on a phone, you can’t beat one on pen and paper.

This probably why I still love buying books and love going to the library!

I enjoy looking back at past plans, events and I think it is nice to see what you have achieved and done.

Which is why I have deicide I need to start journaling. I write also sorts of random stuff on bits of paper for myself and saw this beautiful A5 diary to get me ready for 2021 from KitsCH Noir….I was sold!

It also comes with stickers!

I really like the fact they diary had females in it that looked like me and it is beautifully illustrated and in a format which is perfect for me.


As you can see in January, I have written my daily yoga with Adriane and Benji for their new Breath Series!

After this page the week can be viewed on 2 pages from Monday to Sunday AND it has a note section under Sunday so you can right reminders/ anything you missed off!

Yoga with Adriene is actually going very well! I am going to try and keep going as I really enjoy doing this in the morning before having my breakfast AND helps me have a nice night sleep.


BusyHappyHands has beautiful homemade crafts such as the Manchester Bee plant pots, earrings, scarfs and decorations!

All items are really reasonably priced and ran by my friend Hannah!

Their Esty shop is definably worth a look! I have just ordered some gorgeous hand made earrings from tjem this week!

I will share an image of the ones I bought once they arrive!

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