Dublin Travelling Tips


My Top Three Tips

  1. Random Rambles

    I always make sure I find my accommodation first and then go on a random ramble usually with my camera. Rambles help you get used to your new surroundings and makes it less obvious that you don’t actually know where you are going! Once you have your first meal or coffee solo you slowly become to get more confident as you

    A. Know how to get back to your accommodation

    B. Know places to eat, drink and where you can get free Wi-Fi

    C. You end up finding hidden gems which are usually free!

  2. Free Walking Tour

    I love walking and going of the beaten track! I personally feel that free walking tours is the best way to really learn about a city and a great opportunity to meet new people!On my second day I went on a walking tour which meet at Ha’penny bridge at 2:30pm and with a group of 20 people and I met 2 fellow female solo travellers. We had a historic 2 hour journey around the city learning about the history of Dublin!

  3. Guinness Storehouse
    StorehouseViewI did this tour on the first day in Dublin and loved it! Guinness Storehouse was daunting because the tour itself was independent and it is massive! You take yourself through the history of Guinness, the science of the fermenting and gives you an understanding of the brand! You get to see the advertisement props and pose as an old advertisement poster! As the tour came to close and it was finally time to have a free pint of Guinness whilst greeted live bass band performing on the escalators. The storehouse was celebrating International Stout Festival and all visitors (over the age of 18) got a choice of three 3 half pints of the stouts instead of a one complimentary pint! I tried Guinness Draught, West Indies Porter and Guinness Chilli Stout with a fellow solo traveller. We watched the bar staff who gave us free Guinness chocolate cake suddenly transform into professional Irish dancers and performed for us! The tour caters for all ages as it very visual and interactive you could easily spend hours there! You even have the option (at an additional cost) to have your selfie on top of a pint of Guinness! However getting pint of Guinness within the city centre can be pricey, you can easily be charged up to €9 for a pint.

    I recommend going to O’Donoghue’s ,you get to meet locals and the staff were wonderful and friendly!

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