February 2019?

I do know its March but as I realised I completely forgot to post this…better late than never ‘ey!

Here we go…

I am off to Barcelona this year! I will be attending Primavea 2019 with some wonderful friends but of course I will be having two days solo to reingnite my solo travel fix as well as my GCSE Spanish (with a little help of Duolingo)!


I have completed Adriane 30 day Dedicate yoga challenge! I decided to start these daily videos before work and it has helped me become more proactive in the mornings and I am slowly getting better at balancing!
I absolutely hated this challenge at first and it has helped me have a lovely morning routine; I am no longer in a manic panic about my alarm going off and faffing about before making my way into work!
Thank you Adriane & Benji

I am no way suggesting you should all do yoga, but if anything it made me realised the importance of spending time and appreciating me.
When do we honestly spend time to appreciate ourselves and our wonderful body? Have some good old me time? This could anything from going to the gym, reading a book or going for a walk. I noticed that I don’t do enough for myself and have alone time with just relaxing and looking after me! I have gotten used to having a tight schedules, become being disappointed in myself if I haven’t done something ‘amazing’ in a month I’m boring! So on Wednesday I don’t wear pink…I am at home with a face mask!

I am going to start writing down a monthly aspiration/s things like “Taking myself out for a meal”, “Start learning a new language” and “calling my friends rather than texting” It could be on anything AND could be one thing! It’s completely up to you and try to focus on things that will make YOU happy and it make you feel better! It really helps you become ambitious and love yourself a tad more. I working on all of this too and in NO way saying I am perfect!

BUT I have an amazing group of friends who are like my family if you asked me this 10 years ago I wouldn’t have imagines how far I’ve come! I have even started (attempting) being a radio DJ again this year at a local hospital! X

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